When Do You Need an Emergency Dentist in Indianapolis, IN?   


If you’ve never visited the emergency dentist before, it may give you even more anxiety to think about calling. However, treating your emergency as soon as possible is necessary because your issue won’t go away on its own.  


Even if you’re not sure if your situation is an emergency, dental offices will work with you to provide the help you need as soon as possible.   


Keep reading to learn when you need to call an emergency dentist in Indianapolis, IN!   


Knocked-Out Tooth  


If your tooth is knocked out, it’s important that you call your emergency dentist as soon as possible, as there’s still a chance a dentist can help you save your natural tooth. First, locate your missing tooth and pick it up by the crown, not the root. Then, rinse it off in water and try to place it back in its socket.   


If it doesn’t stay, you can hold it in your cheek or submerge it in milk. Without doing this, it can dry out and crack.   


Gum Abscess   


Gum abscesses can cause ongoing, severe pain. Here are some of the signs you may be suffering from a gum abscess:   


  • Sensitivity to heat and cold  

  • Loose tooth  

  • Fever  

  • Bad taste in the mouth   

  • Pus discharge   


Observing the area, you might also notice redness and swelling. Don’t pop the abscess like a pimple; instead, call your emergency dentist immediately, as the abscess won’t go away on its own. They’ll be able to help you mitigate the pain and drain the abscess.   


Depending on the infection’s severity, your dentist may also recommend root planing, scaling, a root canal, or tooth extraction. If an extraction is necessary, you can seamlessly restore your smile with a dental implant.   


Severe Toothache  


Your toothache may start as mild, but it often becomes severe and debilitating in only a few days. However, your toothache could be caused by food caught between your teeth. Call your dentist if the pain remains after flossing and swishing your mouth with warm water.   


Teeth with cavities can often be restored through fillings or crowns. However, if the cavity has worsened over time, your dentist may find a root canal necessary.   


Call Your Emergency Dentist in Indianapolis, IN Today  


Don’t hesitate if you think you’re experiencing an emergency. If you act fast, dentists can help eliminate your pain and save your natural tooth as soon as possible. They can also give you advice about how to treat your pain at home if you’re not sure if what you’re experiencing is an emergency.   


At Meridian Dental Center, we’re an emergency dentist in Indianapolis, IN that’s dedicated to creating an atmosphere of comfort and care to put your mind at ease. Contact us online or call (317) 926-5467!   


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