Indianapolis IN Dentist offers Composite & Amalgam Fillings

Dental Fillings have one purpose and that is to prevent or stop cavity infection, but how can you know that you need dental fillings? The only person that can identify if you need dental fillings or not is your Indianapolis IN Dentist. However, there are symptoms that can give you a heads-up if you're already infected by cavity:


- Sensitivity when you chew or when you put pressure on your teeth

- Toothaches and sharp pains

- A whole in your teeth

- A jagged sensation in a tooth when you slide your tongue on it


Some signs and symptoms are not visible enough for you to identify, and so it's highly recommended to visit your dentist every six months. With the help of your dentist you can also use these tools to identify cavity infection:


·         X-ray. An X-ray can help you find the developing cavity on the sides of your teeth.


·         Laser fluorescence cavity detection Tool. These wand-like tools can help you identify developing cavities in the fissures on top of your molar and premolar teeth.


What happens if I don't apply dental fillings on my infected teeth?

If you continue to ignore the symptoms of tooth decay, or if you refuse to get checked by your dentist, you'll suffer grave consequences:


- You'll risk having mouth infections such as gingivitis and gum disease.

- Your decaying teeth will continue to rot.

- Your tooth decay will expand and the only way to cure is through a root canal extraction.

- You'll always feel uncomfortable when eating.


What are common dental filling process facts that I need to know?

If you're already thinking of getting a dental filling, you might want to know these facts first:


- The whole procedure won't hurt. Your dentist may use an anesthetic so that you'll feel comfortable all throughout the process.

- The process will last around 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of the cavity infection.

- The dental filling procedure is normally affordable.

- Your teeth will feel a bit unusual after the procedure, but it'll eventually feel normal after two days.


Your Indianapolis IN Dentist offers two different types of dental fillings: Composite Fillings and Amalgam Fillings. Contact our office today to learn which one of these would be the right option for you.  

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