What to Expect With Dental Implants in Indianapolis, IN

Are you feeling nervous before your first dental implant procedure? You’re not alone. According to a 2018 study, the prevalence of dental implants is predicted to grow at most 23 percent by 2026. 


This is because there are plenty of benefits. Your dental implants become your new teeth, improving your chewing, speech, appearance, and more. 


Read on to learn the top details you need to know when it comes to dental implants in Indianapolis, IN! 

What is a Dental Implant Procedure? 

A dental implant is an outpatient procedure that implants and fuses materials to your jawbone. This helps mimic the natural root of a tooth. With the right placement, your implanted tooth will blend in with the rest of your natural teeth.

Why Do You Need a Dental Implant? 

Dental implants help replace natural teeth you’ve lost due to injury, decay, or infection. Unlike dentures, this is a permanent solution to replacing your missing teeth.


If your tooth has been missing for a long amount of time, you may have noticed a change in your appearance due to bone loss.


Dental implants help to reverse that bone loss. Dentures aren’t able to do this because they don’t stimulate your jaw bone.   

What is the Procedure Like? 

It’s possible for your tooth, or crown, to be placed in one day. However, there are often multiple appointments that are spread out over a few months.


When the procedure begins, your mouth will be numbed with local anesthesia so that you won’t be in any pain, and you also have the option of IV sedation.


An incision is then made in your gums so that the root of the tooth can be planted in the right spot. Once your dentist is confident in its placement, the gums are closed over the implant.


If you need another implant, you’ll need to wait in order to recover from the procedure, which can take as long as six months. This also gives your jaw bone time to grow around the implant.  

Dental Implant Care

One of the main benefits of dental implants is that they become just like your natural teeth. This means that beyond brushing and flossing consistently, they don’t need any kind of extra care.


Brushing and flossing are necessary because while your implanted crowns aren’t susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease is still an issue. 

Preparing for Dental Implants in Indianapolis, IN

By considering all of the benefits of dental implants, you’ll know that the procedure is worth it. Once you recover, you’ll find that the addition of your implants makes chewing and speaking easier.


If your skin was sagging around the areas with missing teeth, implants can help give you a more youthful appearance. 


Keep in mind that your dentist will be able to answer any of your questions throughout the process. This includes other options that may be better for you, such as partial dentures and fixed bridges. 

Ready to begin the process? Contact us today to get started!

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