Your Teeth & Your Workout

Medical professionals everywhere want to encourage people to work out and to maintain a level of fitness to keep them healthy. But, who knew that certain exercises could be affecting the health of your teeth? This is a relatively new idea and many people state that this is not something that happens. However, many fitness instructors throughout the world are seeing signs that certain activities are going to increase the chances of having damage to the teeth.


What Exercises Increases Damage?


There are not only exercises that are increasing damage to the teeth, but many of those new gadgets that are out there. However, we are going to focus on the exercises. What exercises are causing these issues? The good news is that there is not a huge list of exercises that you should avoid since they are causing damage. Instead, it seems to be more of a correlation with how hard you are exercising that affects the health of your teeth.  So, what is causing this damage?


-          The way in which the person is breathing during their exercises

-          Those who are going hard at their exercise routine who are putting out more energy are also at risk


Breathing During Exercises Affects Your Teeth


This is something that not many fitness professionals and those who work out are even noticing. However, after learning more about this it does make sense that this could cause issues. How is this:


1.       When the person is workout out, they are breathing hard

2.       Due to breathing hard, they are going to find that their mouth becomes dry

3.       Many times, they may reach for a sweet sports drink for rehydration

4.       In the end, this results in having less saliva to help wash away the bacteria that is in the mouth

5.       Meanwhile the sugars are penetrating the tooth even more than usual


The key to ensuring that your workout is not going to affect your teeth negatively is to drink plenty of water and learn how to control your breathing properly during an exercise. In addition, be sure to visit your Indianapolis, IN dentist regularly to catch any problems that may arise.

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