Why Do You Need to Visit Your Dentist in Indianapolis Twice a Year? 


Have you wondered why dentists recommend you schedule dental cleanings twice a year, even if you feel that your dental hygiene is excellent? You’ll find that there are more benefits to regular appointments than you may realize.  


Keep reading to learn just why visiting your dentist in Indianapolis twice a year is necessary!  


Oral Cancer Screening 


One of the top reasons to see your dentist, regardless of how healthy you believe your teeth are, is for oral cancer screening. Like with all types of cancer, the sooner you discover it at its early stages, the easier it is to treat. Your dentist will thoroughly examine your neck, jaw, face, gums, and tongue to look for any signs of discoloration, swelling, inflammation, and more. Oral cancer can be hard to spot on your own – this is why a professional’s eyes are recommended.  


Preventative Dental Care 


Good dental hygiene is all about preventing tooth decay and gingivitis before either develop. While it’s vital that you brush your teeth twice a day and flossing, you can’t ignore your twice-yearly trips to the dentist for your dental cleanings. This is because tartar can form on your teeth from plaque, and only professionals are able to remove it from your teeth with specialized tools.  


Dentists also provide ways to further protect and strengthen your teeth with the application of fluoride or sealant if your teeth need it.  


Treat Cavities Early 


Sometimes cavities can develop even when you’re brushing your teeth regularly, as some people can be more susceptible due to their genetics. However, by seeing your dentist twice a year, you can catch developing cavities early to avoid fillings, root canals, or extractions. This is because cavities typically take about six months to develop fully.  


Schedule a Dental Cleaning With Your Dentist in Indianapolis Today 


Has it been over a year since you last had a dental cleaning? Never fear – we’re here to help grant you a beautiful, functional, and comfortable smile, not judge! From providing you with helpful tips on how to improve your dental hygiene to screening you for oral cancer, there are a variety of services we provide to ensure that your smile is brilliant.  


Ready to schedule an appointment with an experienced, empathetic dentist in Indianapolis? Contact us today – we can’t wait to meet you!


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