Indianapolis, IN Dentist Discusses Malocclusion

Malocclusion is the term used to describe teeth which are mismatched. This often causes the jaw to bite improperly. Symptoms include protruding, crowded and crooked teeth. Over time, gum issues, sleep disorders and headaches might also occur. Here are some things our Indianapolis dentist wants to share about malocclusion.
Malocclusion vs. Occlusion
Malocclusion is from the root word, occlusion. This means how the teeth meet. Malocclusion is from the Latin “mal” otherwise meaning bad. Putting these two terms together, you'll see the literal meaning: bad bite.
This refers to the contact made between your upper teeth and your lower teeth. There are various types of malocclusion. Some of them are:
Most often, overbite is what patients struggle with and seek treatment for.
Causes of Malocclusion and Treatments 
Most often, malocclusion is present at birth. It's also caused by thumb sucking, dental diseases and the premature loss of teeth. You may not notice any symptoms of it at all or you might have bouts of pain from the tooth and jaw stress. A diagnosis comes from our team during a routine dental exam. To confirm the diagnosis, they will use x-rays. 
An orthodontist will treat the malocclusion most often with braces. If you prefer, you might be able to use Invisalign instead. This is a great option if appearance is something you are concerned with. If you face overcrowding of the teeth, they might need to be surgically removed to treat the malocclusion. 
If teeth are still waiting to erupt in a child’s mouth, we'll need to use space maintainers to fill the empty spots. This ensures there is enough room for the new teeth to arrive when they are ready.
The bottom line is that there is no reason to be concerned with malocclusion. Whatever your situation, our Indianapolis, IN dentist is equipped to handle it. With many treatments available, it won’t be long until the problem is resolved. You deserve to have a healthy, vibrant and straight smile. Don’t hesitate to discuss the treatment options with our team so you can be on the road to having healthy teeth. 
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