Review Tips to Strengthen Your Smile with Our Indianapolis, IN Dentist

White and sparkling teeth are not the sole determinant of a healthy teeth. You can have white and sparkling teeth with weak enamel. For a healthy mouth, it's important to have a strong enamel. This area of your smile protects the teeth and without it, your teeth weaken and become sensitive. To help you strengthen your enamel, our Indianapolis dentist shares the following information: 


1. Avoid food and beverages that wear tooth enamel

Our teeth get weaker as we grow old. To protect our teeth from decay and physical damage, avoid eating candies, cookies, and food that are rich in sugar. Avoid soft drinks like sodas as well since the acid remains on your teeth for long periods of time, unless you rinse it out of your mouth with water. Switch out your favorite sweets with healthy snacks and drink water throughout the day instead of soft drinks.


2. Use products rich in fluoride to strengthen your teeth

There are products in the market to consistently protect your teeth by washing off the harmful chemical and acids that remain after you eat. There are a number of products rich in fluoride; ask our Indianapolis dentist to provide you with a list during your next appointment.


3. Brush your teeth properly

While brushing your teeth, it's important to consider the toothbrush you use. Find a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid heavy friction and enamel break down. Brush at least twice a day to maintain a healthy mouth and teeth. To ensure that you've thoroughly cleaned your mouth and teeth, we recommend to brush for at least two minutes. Do not forget to brush your tongue as well to remove the bacteria that might affect your teeth.


4. Pay attention to the food you eat

The diet you choose helps you to maintain a healthy teeth enamel. Choose a good diet like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, foods rich in protein and low-fat foods. Cheese and celery promote saliva flow, thus, reducing occurrences of dry mouth, which is one major cause of tooth enamel erosion.


Strengthen the enamel of your teeth naturally with these helpful tips from our Indianapolis dentist. Cut back the activities harmful to your teeth and encourage actions that promote good oral care and health. Remember that when the enamel erodes, the tooth becomes more vulnerable to cavities and decay.

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