Keep Your Smile Shining with Our Indianapolis Cosmetic Dentist

You dove in! You got your teeth whitened professionally and chances are that you're amazed by how beautiful your smile is. Unfortunately, whitening is not a permanent process. There are still many things that will darken and stain your smile and undo all your whitening investment. Thankfully, with the help of our cosmetic dentist in Indianapolis, we'll provide you with helpful tips to maintain that newly whitened grin.
Avoid Dark Drinks
This means: coffee, soda, grape juice, red wine, and black tea. No, you don’t have to reduce your liquid diet to green tea, white wine, and water. You simply need to limit the intake and drink with a straw whenever possible. Black coffee stains the quickest when not diluted with cream. Switch to iced whenever possible and drink with a straw if black is truly the only way you drink your coffee! 
Avoid Cigarettes and Cigars
Cigarettes and cigars leave tar deposits on your teeth. These tar deposits will even range in color – grey, brown, or even green. Freshly whitened teeth will be exceptionally prone to thick deposits from smoking. You’ll see your white smile fade in a matter of weeks if you start smoking right after a whitening. 
Avoid Dark-Colored Foods 
Much like grape juice and red wine stain your teeth rather quickly, certain foods do the same. Blueberry pie, for instance, stains quickly. Eating blueberries is less of a concern, but sugar-laden, color-dense blueberry pie filling will darken your smile dramatically if eaten frequently. Pomegranates and blackberries are also guilty of doing this – but they stain your teeth in their fresh, raw forms, so limit intakes of these. 
Schedule Touch Ups
It's also a good idea to have a whitening checkup on the books with our Indianapolis cosmetic dentist. Every 3-6 months is typically good for a single session, depending on the strength. Call our office today at (317) 926-5467 to schedule your appointment here at Meridian Dental Center.
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