Dentists near Indianapolis IN discuss different types of tooth wear

Our teeth slowly deteriorate as we age, but tooth wear also happens at an early stage.  In some studies, tooth wear starts as early as 12 years old.  We don’t have to worry about tooth loss because we'll all experience that at some stage in our lives. However, it can become a problem if tooth wear accelerates faster than expected.


Our Dentists near Indianapolis IN Explains Tooth Wear

Tooth wear refers to the loss of the tooth surface, also known as enamel, caused by trauma or decay. Tooth wear is a normal occurrence in our life. Oftentimes, tooth wears advance as we age. This is often caused by three phenomena; erosion, attrition, and abrasion.


Three Phenomena of Tooth Wear


•  Attrition

Attrition is the progressive loss of the enamel in the tooth. It's often caused by grinding and clenching against the upper and lower teeth. The severity of attrition often depends on the pressure you apply when you clench or grind your teeth. Attrition also occurs to people who often indulge in food rich in fiber.


• Abrasion

Abrasion occurs when enamel loss is caused by the mechanical action other than bruxism. It's often associated with the improper way of brushing your teeth.  In this way of brushing, you're raising the notch at the junction of the crown and the teeth root. Another cause of abrasion is using your teeth to remove bottle caps, nail-biting and holding pins with the use of your teeth.  Mouth and tongue piercing also cause abrasions.


• Erosion

Erosion often happens due to gastroesophageal diseases. This occurs when the acid level of the mouth is very high. People who are suffering from enamel erosion tend to eat more fibrous food and sweets.


Tooth wear normally happens as we grow old. However, we need to be very vigilant to avoid early acceleration of the said condition. It's best that to take precaution to avoid early tooth wear and visit our dentists in Indianapolis for regular check-ups. Call Meridian Dentistry today at (317) 926-5467 and schedule your consultation with our team today.

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