Sinus Gum Pain

Some days you may wake up feeling sinus gum pain and not know what to do. Many people assume that congestion and cough are the only symptoms of a sinus infection, but it’s not true. Sinus gum pain is a common discomfort caused by this infection as well. See how our cosmetic dentist in Indianapolis provides the proper care to remove any discomfort you're experiencing.
Is My Sinus Gum Pain Caused by a Sinus Infection?
A sinus infection, or referred to as sinusitis, happens when the tissue lining of the sinuses becomes inflamed or swollen. While this causes many respiratory symptoms, it also leads to sinus gum pain. 
Sinuses are filled with air when they are healthy. When there's an infection, they become filled with germs and fluid instead.  About 37 million Americans tend to suffer from sinusitis every year.  For many of these people, dental pain and sinus gum pain are common symptoms. 
A medical professional like our Indianapolis cosmetic dentist is the only one that can determine if you have a sinus infection. In the meantime, here are some ways to determine if the gum pain you're feeling could be related to your sinusitis:
Are you able to breathe through your nose? Congestion and nasal obstruction are all possible signs of a sinus infection.
Is there a thick, yellow or greenish discharge that you're experiencing from your nose and down into your throat?
When you touch your face, is it tender? 
Do you feel additional pressure around your cheeks, nose, eyes and forehead?
Do your teeth and jaw hurt or feel sore?
Have you noticed a reduction in your taste or ability to smell?
If you're aware of the symptoms above in your own life, then it's possible that you're suffering from sinus gum pain. The best treatment is to visit Meridian Dental Center and have the sinus infection diagnosed and treated. 
Whenever in doubt about any pain that you're feeling in the mouth area, it's important you see our team as soon as possible. What may seem like simple sinus pain could be the result of something more severe. It's always better to act quickly and prevent possible complications in the future. Give our office a call at (317) 926-5467 and we'll help pick the best date and time for your appointment.
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