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It is indeed true that the best way to tell if something is wrong with your body is to listen to it or pay more attention to it. Being able to learn the health status of your teeth can help you prevent other problems and issues in the future. If you want to know how healthy your teeth and mouth are, you can find out by learning the following signs.


1.    Breath is an indication of healthy teeth

Bad breath can be a sign of unhealthy teeth and gums. Test your breath and be conscious about its smell. To keep your breath fresh, you have to brush your teeth properly and be sure to remove any food particle in between sections of your teeth.


2.    Gums can also indicate healthy teeth

Swollen or red gums are signs of gum disease. Pink gums are signs of a healthy mouth. It does not necessarily mean that having white teeth conveys that they are healthy, especially if you have swollen gums.


3.    Healthy enamel is a sign of healthy teeth

Enamel protects the teeth. It makes your teeth durable. To learn if your enamel is good and strong, it is better that you talk to your dentist. Avoid acidic food and drinks as these can erode your teeth enamel.


4.    Strong teeth are a sign of healthy teeth

One good sign of healthy teeth is their firmness. If you feel that your permanent teeth feel like a little loose, it is advisable to see your dentist immediately for treatment.


5.    Healthy tongue is an indication of healthy teeth

A healthy tongue has a pink color and is covered with small nodules. Changes in the appearance of your tongue are considered not normal and must be checked for further treatment.


Having white teeth does not necessarily mean having healthy teeth and mouth. There are a number of considerations to prioritize as you take care of your mouth’s health. Contact your Dentists near Indianapolis to schedule an appointment or for consultation. 

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