Medical Issues Your Indianapolis, IN Dentist Might Diagnose

Seeing our Indianapolis dentist twice per year is an essential aspect of protecting your tooth and gum health. What you may not know is that we also spot the signs of several medical issues just from looking at your mouth. Take a look at the list below and call Meridian Dental Center to learn more and schedule your consultation today.
Loose teeth, receding gums and a dry mouth are all indications of diabetes. These early warning signs combined with an examination prompt our team to have you get checked for diabetes.
Signs of an infection include swelling, pain, redness and sensitivity. If we suspect that you're fighting an infection, we prescribe antibiotics to get you back in optimum health. Allowing an infection to go untreated leads to the infection spreading to your heart or lungs.
Oral Cancer
This is the sixth most common cancer in the United States. Most of the cases begin with lesions in the mouth that we spot. Early detection is key to proper treatment.
While several symptoms occur in the mouth when a patient has HIV, they aren’t all related to this disorder. That’s why it's imperative to have proper screening and regular checkups at our office. Some symptoms include swelling of the salivary glands or a dry mouth. 
Your mouth responds to stress by grinding your teeth. This does irreversible damage to the teeth and it's important to diagnose early.
Poor Nutrition
Those who battle eating disorders try hard to hide it, but our professionals can tell based on symptoms such as dry mouth, erosion inside the front teeth and bleeding gums. This is due to the stomach acid that makes its way back into the mouth during vomiting.
This is common, most often in post-menopausal women. Some of the symptoms include a receding gum line or loose teeth. Once spotted, we'll refer you back to the doctor for a bone density test.
These are all conditions that you can catch early with regular dental appointments. Knowing what you're facing early on means that you have a better chance of treating the condition and enjoying a healthy and happy smile for years to come.
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