Dentists near Indianapolis IN Help Patients Choose the Best Mouthwash

There are so many different types of mouthwash that you may find yourself wondering what the difference is and what type you should be using. In the following article, our Indianapolis dentists go over some of the different types of mouthwash are and what each one is meant for. 
Alcohol or Non-Alcoholic
Many people don't know the difference between alcoholic mouthwash and non-alcoholic mouthwash. The alcohol in the mouthwash acts as an antiseptic, which is used to kill the bacteria present on your teeth, tongue, and cheeks. The downside to mouthwashes that use alcohol is that some cause a slight burning sensation while being used. 
On the other hand, non-alcoholic mouthwash contains a different type of antiseptic agent. Most contain cetylpyridinuim chloride or CPC for short. The chemical compound CPC has the same bacteria killing effects as alcohol but without any other harmful effects. However, CPC does have one downfall. It has been known to cause teeth to become yellow or brown over time. Ask our team if this type of mouthwash is best for you before using it.
What to Do if You have Bad Breath
First, it’s important to know what causes bad breath. Bad breath is caused by bacteria present inside your mouth. The number of bacteria located in the mouth will vary from person to person and therefore, causes varying degrees of bad breath in different people. In most cases, the use of non-alcoholic mouthwash should be enough to freshen your breath, however, in you’re using mouthwash and have yet to see any improvement, there are over the counter mouthwashes that are specifically designed to fight bad breath. 
Prone to Cavities?
If you're told you are prone to getting cavities, there's a mouthwash for you too. There are many mouthwash's that contain fluoride. Fluoride works by re-mineralizing the surface of a tooth. This works even if small cavities have started to form and can prevent them from getting any worse. 
However, this type of mouthwash should only be used once a day and is only meant for those above the age of six. Also, try not to eat or drink for half an hour after using this mouthwash to maximize the benefits from the rinse. 
Natural Mouthwash
All the above options contain chemical compounds and if you’re against using these types of products, you can still try a more natural approach such as saline. Saline is super easy to make and only uses two ingredients. Mix together warm water and salt and simply rinse your mouth with it. The mixture will soothe irritated gums and can reduce signs of gingivitis. 
It’s important to remember that using mouthwash can be an important part of your oral health routine. It can help to reduce early signs of gingivitis and in the end, will help improve overall oral health. 
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