Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants Indianapolis IN

A dental implant is basically a replacement tooth root. It is used to offer a solid foundation for replacement teeth that can match your natural teeth. It is a complicated procedure where surgery is required to position a prosthetic crown. There may be instances when bone grafting is required depending on the structure of the bone.


The different types of dental implant prosthesis are as follows:


●     Fully milled dental prosthesis implants

These dental implants are custom-made using titanium to ensure optimal hygiene, and durability is provided for acrylic tooth prostheses. A single piece of acrylic is used in crafting the acrylic teeth so that the restoration will be both strong and nice to look at. These types of prostheses are used to restore teeth on the lower jaw.


●     Porcelain fused to metal restoration implants

These dental implants use a wax pattern to cast the custom-designed metal alloy structure used in teeth restoration. To enhance aesthetics and hygiene, the porcelain is fused into the metal alloy structure. This type of prosthesis is suitable for restoring the upper arch of teeth.


●     Full zirconia or lithium disilicate restoration

These dental implants feature a titanium structure designed mainly to receive a custom-made disilicate ceramic crown made of zirconia or lithium. These implants are considered the most technologically advanced and have started to replace the use of porcelain fused to metal restoration implants.


There are a number of advantages of having a dental implant to restore your smile. These advantages are as follows:


●     Dental implants enhance your appearance and speech.

●     Dental implants also make it easier for you to eat since they function like your natural teeth.

●     Dental implants enhance your oral health and are durable enough to last a number of years.

●     Dental implants also enhance your self-esteem since they can restore the smile you once had.


Many people have lost teeth due to a number of reasons like tooth decay or periodontal disease. But the advent of dental implants has made it possible for you to reacquire your smile since they essentially look like your natural teeth, which enhances your self-confidence each time you smile.

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