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Missing or extracted teeth raise some dental concerns. Fortunately, dental bridges are widely available to replace missing teeth. You have many options for replacing those missing teeth. Choosing the right dental bridge is the key to a healthy and confident smile.


Four Kinds of Bridges that are recommended by Cosmetic Dentist in Indianapolis IN:


Traditional Bridge:


A traditional bridge has a crown bonded to both sides of the artificial tooth. Traditional bridges are used when you still have natural teeth on both sides of the gap (missing tooth). Bridges are durable enough to replace molars.


Cantilever Bridge:


A cantilever bridge is a false tooth that’s bonded to just one crown. If you only have one natural tooth next to the gap, a cantilever bridge can still be held.


Maryland Bridge:


A Maryland bridge is a false tooth connected to existing teeth on both sides. This type of bridge is not held in place by crowns. These bridges consist of a pontic that’s held in place by a porcelain or metal framework. Thus, the adjacent teeth don't have to be filed.


Implant-supported Bridge:


Implant-supported bridges can be used when you have multiple gaps (more than one tooth missing). Instead of being held by crowns or frameworks, these bridges are held by dental implants. Because these bridges are supported by implants, they feel very comfortable and secure, just like your natural teeth.


Benefits of getting dental bridges:


1.  Speaking and chewing food will be easier

2.  Bridges can help maintain your face shape

3.  Bridges keep your remaining teeth from moving

4. They help prevent problems like headaches, earaches, and TMJ. These problems are caused by teeth spacing changes.


You should know what type of bridge is right for you. Your cosmetic dentist in Indianapolis IN will work closely with you to help you choose the appropriate type of bridge for your specific condition.  In many cases, your cosmetic dentist in Indianapolis IN may recommend metal-free options as they feel better in your mouth, and they are more visually appealing.


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