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In dental implant, correct timing of procedure is crucial. Before implant surgery, it is required that a proper healing of bone graft is achieved.


For the dental implant to be triumphant, it is essential to follow the right timeline set for the bone graft procedure to be completed. If the implant surgery is scheduled earlier than necessary, complications may arise and the implant will be harmed.


These are the possible complications that may happen due to premature bone graft healing:


●     Loose implants

Loose implants can happen if an implant is placed on a weak foundation of a bone structure. Osteogenesis is the process of development and formation of bones. This process usually takes place several weeks or months depending on the activity and health of the patient. Shortcutting the waiting time would result in the failure of the regeneration process. Insufficient density and volume weaken the foundation on which implants will be attached.


●     Inadequate bone mass

To be able to proceed to dental implants surgery after bone graft, a certain number of bones are necessary. When the implant is placed too soon, the bone mass may not be enough and the implant may not last a long time of usage.


●     Bone graft infection

Advanced placement of the dental implants can cause contamination in the bone grafting area. Those newly generated bones may be not mature enough to hold the implant material. Allergic reactions to the material may happen. Infection may lead to the removal of the dental implant for severe cases. Sometimes antibiotic prescription, together with proper cleaning, can fight off infection alone.


To avoid those complications, the proper healing period must be observed. Strict compliance of post-operative instructions from your dentist will help too. A possible bone graft may occur even after the implant has integrated. So, it is better that you also do regular follow-ups to your dentist.

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