Dentists near 46220 Share 5 Common Myths about Root Canals

Don’t believe all the myths you’ve heard about root canals. Our dentists near the 46220 area have the facts for you.
Myth #1: Root Canals are Painful
If you’ve ever needed a root canal, you know that it’s normally the opposite. Most people get a root canal because they are in extreme pain. Once the area is numb and the infected pulp is removed, you no longer feel any pain. 
Myth #2: It’s Best to Just Remove the Tooth
You don’t want to remove a tooth unless there are no other options. Nothing is going to function as your own teeth do, so it’s best to preserve them. Having the tooth removed means you need to look at replacing the area with an implant or bridge to fix the gap.
Myth #3: Root Canals are Only Needed if Your Tooth Hurts
When the tooth’s root becomes so infected, the tooth dies. This might not cause any more pain even though the infection is still working its way through the bone structure. Root canals can still save the tooth at this point. 
Myth #4: Root Canals Require Multiple Visits
Most root canals are completed in just a couple of hours. You may need to return for a crown or filling afterward, but the infection should be gone. 
Myth #5: Infections are Common after a Root Canal
While it’s possible for your teeth to become infected any time, it is not commonplace to get an infection from a root canal. Everything used in the mouth is specifically designed to reduce the chance of infection. 
There’s Nothing to Fear
If you need a root canal, there’s nothing to fear. This simple procedure will get you out of pain and help you restore function to your tooth in no time. Take steps to preserve your beautiful smile today by calling our dentists near 46220 at (317) 926-5467. 
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