Dentist Indianapolis Discusses Importance of Healthy Teeth


The importance of a healthy set of teeth is often undermined. Often, people do not realize  that healthy teeth are important for  good overall health as well. Moreover, once lost,  teeth are the only structures in the body that do not have the power of regeneration. Thus, one must inculcate good oral hygiene practices in their daily routine and visit the dentist regularly to maintain a clean and good set of teeth.


In the event of losing a tooth, it is very important to replace it, to prevent other teeth from shifting. Shifting of teeth often creates uncleansable areas. This further leads to gum problems that weaken the foundation of our dentition. Additionally, teeth which have shifted may no longer fit together properly, causing excessive wear, additional tooth loss, headaches, and a host of other problems like altered speech, difficulty in chewing and unsightly appearance.


Often due to fear, apprehension, and neglect, people do not visit the dentist even when they have lost several teeth. It is important to understand that for each missing tooth, a person loses approximately 10% of their remaining ability to chew food. Even a single missing tooth can affect our daily life greatly by affecting our general health, appearance, and self-esteem.


Nowadays, with options like implants and fixed bridges one can have a permanent solution to such problems. Bridges involve the teeth adjacent to the missing teeth for support. Dental implants involve surgical placement of posts into the bone which acts as artificial tooth root that bears the prosthesis, commonly referred to as a cap. In this method, the natural teeth are preserved. The choice between a bridge or an implant is made after considering the medical history of the patient and the clinical condition of the bone often involving the use of specialized three-dimensional x-rays called CBCT.


With the advancement of science, we have devised solutions to several medical problems. However, the fact that teeth do not have any regenerative capacity, implies that our permanent teeth are supposed to last us a lifetime! So, it is highly imperative that we understand the importance of good oral hygiene and take the necessary steps to maintain it.

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