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As the top dentists near Indianapolis IN, Meridian Dental Center treats patients suffering from all sorts of oral health ills and issues. One of the most commonly overlooked issues relates primarily to bacterial infections, that being abscesses of the mouth. And while these detrimental infections can also be caused by plaque, cavities, and even dental work/surgery- we feel they never really get discussed enough. For that very reason, we have composed some of the symptoms and complications of tooth abscesses for you to review today:



Symptoms of an abscessed tooth will usually begin with some swelling, tenderness and pain in a certain area of the mouth that will grow worse over time. The gums surrounding the tooth may bleed, and pus may expel from the area as well. Depending on the area of the abscess, at the root or at the gum, teeth can also become extremely sensitive to temperature. The patient may experience a fever from the infection and could also become lethargic and/or lose their appetite.



Left unresolved, an abscess can lead to the spread of infection. This means that the surrounding tissue, bone, sinuses and facial cavities can become infected as well. In the worst case scenario, Ludwig angina can result from an abscess. This is a condition in which the tongue and/or throat swell, compromising breathing, and can lead to death.


As we can see from the above, what can start as a simple infection has the ability to grow out of control rather quickly if left untreated. If you suspect that you have an abscess, call your dentists near Indianapolis at Meridian Dental Center for an assessment and treatment right away!


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