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Your dentists near Indianapolis at Meridian Dental Center know how important patient education truly is. We always try to thoroughly explain all procedures being performed, why and other ways our patients can maintain or improve their oral health outside of our office walls. And while we may be able to spend quite some time educating you on these topics and more, it may not necessarily earn you’re a DDS or DMD degree.


What we mean is that sometimes, in conversations, we use the terminology we are most familiar with to describe certain situations. Where you, as a painter, may discuss “Fauvism” like it is nothing…we may use the occasional “occlusal” in describing a situation.


Of course, we would never aim to do this to make you feel confused, uncomfortable or left out. It is just a product of our vernacular- and we ask that if we do use any terminology you are not familiar with, to question us about it before you leave. We never want our patients to complete their appointments with questions lingering- but we understand that it can happen sometimes.


Since all people learn at their own pace and in their own way, we figured we would supply you with a resource, an only Dental Glossary, so you can review some terms and concepts at your own time. And if you ever have any questions- PLEASE ask us at your next visit: Click Here for More.


At the end of the day, whether you know your “temporomandibular” from being “edentulous” – you should know that regularly scheduled appointments with your dentists near Indianapolis are a must. Call our office today to schedule your next visit at (317) 926-5467.

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