Cosmetic Dentist in Indianapolis IN Discusses How Mouth Guards Can Halt Teeth Grinding


Mouth guards are popularly used for sports, protecting a person’s teeth from any potential dental trauma. Whether it’s young children or professional athletes, dental accidents can happen at any age. They can happen to anybody too, so your cosmetic dentist in Indianapolis IN wants to share how helpful mouth guards can be in certain occasions.


Protect Your Teeth from Grinding
While this may not be well known, but a lot of people use mouth guards to help them from grinding their teeth. Also known as bruxism, dentists have the ability to notice any damage done to your teeth by grinding them together.


This is usually solved by wearing a mouth guard. A majority of patients don’t know that they’re grinding their teeth because it usually occurs when they’re sleeping. Some of the symptoms are a sore jaw and sensitive teeth in the morning, things that patients don’t know the reasoning for until it’s too late. When a patient grinds their teeth, they can be worn down and become shorter.


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