Broken Tooth? Call your Dentist in Indianapolis!

Your chompers are strong and durable. They have served your needs since childhood, and you expect them to continue doing so for the next many, many years. If you experience an unexpected injury that breaks or cracks a tooth, you want to know that optimal structure can be restored. Your immediate concern may be to relieve the discomfort that the injury has caused. If your broken or cracked tooth doesn't hurt, there may be an idea that restorative care isn't necessary. To postpone a visit to your experienced dentist in Indianapolis would be a mistake.
Understanding the Impact of a Break
Our teeth appear to be solid structures right down to the gum line. Solid may be an accurate term, but this does not mean that the hard outer shell of enamel travels to the core of the tooth. There are various layers of material that make up each tooth. Just beneath enamel is a softer material called dentin. Beneath dentin is the pulp chamber, where even softer material resides, along with blood vessels, nerves, and the root of the tooth. If the outermost layer of enamel becomes compromised, bacteria can move inward without much to stop them. Even a mild break or crack makes the tooth vulnerable to infection or further damage.
Repairing a Crack or Break
If your tooth is injured and pain has developed, this can be managed with an over-the-counter medication such as acetaminophen (Tylenol). A warm, salt-water rinse can also be beneficial for short-term care. These remedies do not take the place of professional care, so they should be quickly followed by a call to your dentist.
Cracks and breaks may be repaired with a dental crown. The advantage of this full-coverage restoration is that the entire tooth structure gains the support it needs to continue functioning properly without risking further damage. Crown treatment performed in our office seeks to achieve the greatest aesthetic value through the use of high-quality porcelain. Porcelain not only looks like your natural enamel, but it is durable through years of use.
Repair for a broken or cracked tooth should not be put off. Better yet, schedule routine care that reduces your risk of experiencing such an injury! We are happy to book an appointment for you in our friendly office. Call (317)-926-5467.

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