Cavity Repair from your Cosmetic Dentist offers Several Benefits


One of the most common treatments performed by general and cosmetic dentists is cavity repair. Because the mouth is naturally acidic, and because of the standard diet of most children and adults, cavities are likely to occur from time to time. One of the aspects of dental care that we prioritize is teaching our patients how they may minimize their risk of cavities. Secondary to that, we offer restorative care that you would expect of your cosmetic dentist. In our Indianapolis, IN office, tooth-colored fillings can save the day, or, the tooth.


Saving Appearance

The primary advantage that leads patients to choose tooth-colored fillings is, well, they look just like the real thing! Appearance is an important aspect of your sense of wellbeing. It used to be that cavity repair would leave a dark spot in your smile, but this no longer has to be the norm. If you so choose, your dentist can hide every last bit of evidence that you ever had a cavity by placing a composite resin restoration into the tooth.


Saving even more . . .

Of course, an authentic appearance is a noteworthy advantage of tooth-colored fillings; but your dentist is also concerned about the total value of care. For dental restorations to be a truly valuable service, they must do more than look good - they must last. Tooth-colored fillings are made of a durable composite material that withstands the high-pressure of chewing. The strength of the material itself is complemented by the technique used to restore the tooth.


Amalgam fillings, or silver fillings, are held in the tooth by the tooth. Essentially, the tooth structure around the cavity is formed in such a way that the amalgam is held in place by a "lip" of enamel. Composite fillings, on the other hand, are bonded to enamel. This bond reinstates the optimal form through which strength is restored to the tooth.


The longevity of tooth-colored fillings comes from the material, the placement, and also the fit. The bonding process is so meticulous that it sets up the tightest margins around the filling. This means there is very little chance for a crack, or for bacteria to get beneath the filling. Fit remains consistent through the years thanks to the similar movement shared between enamel and composite material.


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